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You all know the feeling: after hours, days or even weeks spent on a particular problem you suddenly see the answer. Or, on one of those late-night expeditions through the memory map you find some undiscovered feature. Well, don't keep it to yourself - send it here. We pay £5 for every tip and routine printed and £25 for a genuine Megawave.

The State of Play with Orics

Some Oric-1 and Atmos owners may not realise the full potential of the PLAY command when its non-detection of "?ILLEGAL QUANTITY ERROR"s allows them to use parameters out of the valid ranges.

PLAY can be used to generate continuous and complex sound effects without the prior use of SOUND or MUSIC and without unduly slowing down your program.

The following are some examples of the effects that can be produced:

Waves PLAY 40.40.60,4000
or PLAY 30.40.20,9000
Buzzer PLAY 48.90.100,60
Train PLAY 200.100.100,200
Plane PLAY 200.100.100,20
Alert PLAY 17.80.100,200
Roto PLAY 58.80.100,60
Jet PLAY 12.91.555,3

K. Heptinstall, Blackpool, Lancs