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Byte Drive 500 Software Exchange

Like the Oric owner in issue 100, I bought an ITL Kathmill Byte Drive 500 disk system, mainly on the strength of the rave review it received in PCN. Unlike him, however, I have had no regrets.

In my view the system is vastly superior to the Oric Microdisc, in that it provides not only disk commands but also many enhancements to the Basic, including windows, abbreviated command options and the ability to enter keywords in upper or lower case.

I feel that the software industry has committed a grave oversight in not producing anything compatible with this system. Owners have had to rely entirely on their own creative abilities for software.

In a bid to rectify this, I would be willing to start up a small-scale software exchange scheme for Byte Drive disk programs. Any PCN readers wanting further details should send me a sae.

Jeremy P. Hibbins, 97 Almners Road, Lyne, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 0BH