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A Turnoff for the Oric Keyboard

Q. I need some information about the Oric-1's system. I'd like to know how to turn off the keyboard, to increase the speed of my programs. I'd also like to know how to change the display area on the screen.

David Goodrum, Norwich

A. CALL #E6CA turns off the keyboard scanning, but don't use a WAIT after it in your program. WAIT uses the keyboard scan as a counter. CALL #E804 re-enables the scanning. You should get something like a 20 per cent improvement in most programs.

The parameters for the top and bottom screen lines are held in locations 621 and 622. DOKE these addresses with the normal screen start address (48000) plus an offset. For example, to shrink the scrolling display area to the lines between 10 and 20 DOKE 621,48000+10*40 : DOKE 622,48000+20*40. The depth of the display (number of lines to scroll) is held in the byte at 623 - don't forget to change the value here if you alter either of the others.